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What You See, Comes To Be

Home for us is a creative expression, and a place that re-minds us of what we dream of becoming, doing and having.

HOME becomes the Haven Of My Enlightenment Home is a manifesting machine and a tool for inner growth.

We are Maximists! We love to be surrounded by lots of inspiration and the supplies to create with.

We are sentimental savers. Because we have creative minds, decluttering is a challenge and the way that “organized” thinking people get it done, doesn’t work for us. But that is also our superpower! 

There is hope! And a way! As a fellow creative, I have found ways that work for our minds and ways of flowing. Please join me! 

And then, we can move onto connecting our heart and souls desires to how we create our home. Magical! It can support us in our journey to heal, shift and manifest the life we dream of!

Available Courses

Moving Through The Room Decluttering

This system of decluttering is created by a spiritual, scattered, ADHD, right brained artist who really struggled with how to tame clutter and just clean up without being distracted by EVERYTHING. I reverse engineered all the ways I got off course and created solutions to keep me focussed and flowing. 

Most decluttering systems are made by people who are naturally neat and love to organize, and don't understand that not all brains work they way they do so they don't work for us.

Are you ready to move through your home and life with ease and flow?


Want some deeper support and faster solutions custom tailored for you and your home? 

Cool! Take advantage of my VIP option to add a 90 minute one to one video session with a 30 minute follow up along with the Move through the Room PLUS as a bonus, you'll get the Inspired Organizing course as well! 

Inspired Organizing

Inspired Organizing helps end the hurricane of overwhelm when we creatives are faced with beginning the task of organizing a space. It is a counter-intuitive way to starting that raises our energy and gets us focussed on the space being organized AND a source of inspiration for our bliss and dreams.

How cool is that?!

Home Glow: Release & Align Home Energy Clearing

This quick, yet powerful energy work will guide you in meditation through your home to release the energies that don’t support you and then we will fill your home with energy of positive possibilities. 

My Courses Available Courses
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