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Inspired Organizing

Inspired Organizing

Finally. You can have peace of mind that you have a system to organize anything.  Banish fear that you will freeze when faced with the task. Deep breath. It’s going to be ok.

This course will guide you to know exactly how to jump in and get started and finish. Even cooler, if you can imagine that, you’ll have a new tool for your inner journey to manifesting the life you dream of. Right?! How cool IS that?

Not having a place designated for stuff is a huge contributing factor to clutter. Things pile up because they don’t have a specific home.

It’s not a set it and forget kind of thing- as your life evolves, kids grow up, you gain new hobbies and perhaps move home all together, you will always be needing to organize and reorganize things so this is a skill and a way of thinking that will become a life long skill.

It will shift how you think of organizing and what you see in your home. You will get a new level of empowerment to how your home supports you.

This is not a huge program, each video is less than 11 minutes and there are two workbooks - one that will guide you through the process of Inspired Organizing and one that will give you the tips and trick of organizing for creatives. 

There are no rules to how you go about this - you can go through it in order, or jump around or just dip into what you feel called to do. Follow your curiosity and see where it takes you.

Let me know how it’s going!

Come join us in the Facebook group - we connect and support each other on our journey to connect home and soul as well as where we do the Power Hours here that is virtual co-working, hand holding time that we do hard things together.

Right now, there are two prices:

$22 for the course

$88 upgrade to include a ONE to ONE hour video session with me(normally $188) to address whatever you need to help your home not sabotage you or to support what you are attracting by anchoring into your home. And any Inspired Organizing help you might need too! 

4 Sections S

Getting Started & Our Creative Brains

This is what I have discovered about us creatives: that our minds work differently and so, organizing is not a part of our dominate right brains. But that is also our super power! Once you have a way to get started and think about organizing, it becomes a new creative process to have fun with. 

Inspired Organizing Process

If you scroll down below the video, you will find the Workbook to download

This is where it happens! So if you just have to get to the meat of the process and are ready to jump in, start here!

And then, go on back and check out the beginning to get into how that beautiful creative brain of yours works and how to work with it!

Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks for creatives to get into organizing. This is where the norm doesn't always serve us and how to work with our own fabulous ways of being. 
Let this be a spark to ignite your own marvelous solutions! 

What's Next?

We've only just begun... 

Check out resources and support on connecting your home and soul! 

Sections S for this course 4

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