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Moving Through The Room Decluttering

Moving Through The Room Decluttering

Whoohooo! A system for those of us that struggle with the physical part of staying focussed to clean, tidy and declutter a room. Created by a scattered, creative, sentimental saver (that's me, Kristy) for scattered, creative, sentimental savers that are overwhelmed with clutter and the process of (if that is not you, move along and happy cleaning) 

This will give you a simple system to move through a room and quickly and efficiently get the job done so you can be your brilliant self, creating magic in the world. 

Here's what you get:

  • How to dive right in, knowing EXACTLY where to start every time and not be paralyzed with overwhelm of where to start.
  • How to not work for hours, bouncing around like a ping pong ball, do load of work and then it seems like there is nothing to show for it, let alone have it look worse.
  • You will not unload  your whole closet onto the bed, get burnt out and then have to sleep with the closet on the bed for a week. Or a month.
  • You will not get sidetracked for 2 hours reading the magazine or looking through a scrapbook and loose all the time we have set aside.
  • You will not find yourself wandering around the home, getting distracted with other things because you went to the bathroom or to put something away in another room.
  • You will not get overwhelmed with making the decision on one precious thing to keep or let it go.
  • You will have peace of mind that when you are in an expansive, creative cycle, and messes are happening, you have a system to put it all back together again when you are done.

This is not about changing who you are, because the world needs you just as you are, but rather giving you tools and a system that supports the challenges that many of us have with flowing through a room to clean it up, tidy and declutter. This also works if you are packing a house to move! 

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Flow Through The Room System

Everything you need to know to flow through a room to declutter, tidy up, even pack to move is on the tips sheet. If you have five minutes, start here. 

Want more information and guidance - watch the video 

And for fun and to keep yourself focussed- download the labels and RED. 

This is going to help you have a much simpler life very soon!

Making Room for Dreams

This is the fuel for your releasing. When you are clear on what your dreams and goals are, then you can choose what stays and what goes from that vision and not by some default reaction to the past. 

You create your future more powerfully. There is a void that is created when you let go of the stuff that no longer resonates with the life you desire. 

It's worth it to write your vision down to set in your mind what you are opening to and it will help you make choices and the energy will fill it in as you make room. 

I think that this is the most important step! 

Decluttering Brain Dump

When all that stuff is yelling at you to be let go of, decluttered, fixed, sold, cleaned, recycled, and so on and so on, it's helpful to have a place to write it all down and just get some clarity about what the heck it all even is. 

Here is the place to dump it all out of your brain and onto paper to free up the stress of the mess! 

Recordings: Guides and Meditations

Decluttering is as much an inner mindset and energy alignment challenge as it is a " deal with the physical stuff" challenge.

Here are some audio recordings to help you get aligned and ready to take action. 

No videos here to distract you! 

Sections S for this course 4

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